Weekly Business News Roundup Vol. 5

Best Ways To Reduce Stress In Your Business World

Reducing stress at work can be a challenge, but doing so can not only help you feel better but make it easier for you to move forward on your career path. Below, 11 members of Forbes Coaches Council provide a practical strategy that the modern professional can easily incorporate into their life in order to reduce stress, such as practicing meditation and contemplation, living in the now, learning how to say “no” or putting yourself first. Here are some specifics

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A Global Shipping Business Mitch McConnel, Elaine Chao and a Off Shore Tax Haven

DOT Business Credit Buddy

Over a period of five years, millions of dollars were quietly funneled to a Chao family foundation via two offshore firms that list a New York address but are not incorporated anywhere in the United States. Two entities with the same names, however, are incorporated in the Marshall Islands, known as one of the world’s most secretive offshore havens for firms seeking to avoid taxes and a preferred foreign locale for the Foremost Group, the Chao family’s New York-based shipping business. The Foremost Group and a spokesperson for the Department of Transportation declined to comment on where the two donating firms are incorporated.

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How Facebook Replaced The New Business

Now Facebook is pushing into local news, but publishers should be wary of making the same crooked deal. It might provide more exposure and traffic for smaller outlets today, but it could teach users they only need to visit Facebook for local news in the future. Here’s how Facebook retrained us over the past 12 years to drain the dollars out of news.

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Super Bowl Ram Truck Ad Gets Backlash

The ad shows people doing service-oriented tasks set against audio of King’s speech, which urges people to be “great” by serving the greater good rather than being successful. It was supposed to highlight the volunteer program Ram Nation.

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