Business Loans For Fashion Blogger

What would having access to business loans do for you?  Are you a fashion blogger seeking startup funding to take your business to the next level? Blogging is a big business industry with room for tremendous growth, especially if you approach your blogging business as an online digital media publisher. As a fashion blogger, you can Read more about Business Loans For Fashion Blogger[…]

Five Ways To Boost Business Credit Score Fast

Do you need to boost your business credit score fast??  As a business owner having access to business credit is essential. Which is why knowing the top five secrets to “boost business credit” is the best solution for achieving overall sustainability. If you would like to obtain business credit there are five things you can Read more about Five Ways To Boost Business Credit Score Fast[…]

Download Business Credit Buddy App

Good news! You can now download our Business Credit Buddy App…We are super excited to offer the most powerful mobile application to qualify for Small Business Credit Loans on the go from anywhere for business owners in the United States! Let our experts help your small business or startup find the right funding resources. We Read more about Download Business Credit Buddy App[…]

9 Financial Requirements Businesses Must Be Meeting

The stress of meeting “financial requirements” is often the biggest worry for business owners and start-ups.  Which the is main reason BusinessCreditBuddy.com was launched, to bridge the gap between small businesses and meeting financial requirements.  At some point every business will need to meet financial requirements to continue their daily operations. However, when most companies Read more about 9 Financial Requirements Businesses Must Be Meeting[…]

How-to Finance Your Blogger Business

Are you getting really serious about being a blogger? Would you love to take your blog to the next level? If so you need business credit to make it happen. Before you can get someone to sponsor your blog, you need to be able to attract traffic to your blog. Simply put your blogging business Read more about How-to Finance Your Blogger Business[…]

How-to Know When Your Business Needs An EIN

An EIN known as employer identification number or Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) and also Federal Tax Identification Number. This significant nine-digit number is unique because it is assigned by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to business entities operating in the United States for the purposes of specifically identification.  If you planning on seeking financing Read more about How-to Know When Your Business Needs An EIN[…]

How-to Be Loan Ready For Best Business Credit Approvals

Are you loan ready?? No seriously, right now are you loan ready for business credit approvals??!  It’s shocking just how many business owners are not truly loan ready to get approved by a lender or investor right now!  The primary reason that most small businesses or even mid sized businesses are “denied” credit is because Read more about How-to Be Loan Ready For Best Business Credit Approvals[…]

Challenging An Equifax Bankruptcy To Get Business Credit Approval

If you were denied business credit having an old “Equifax bankruptcy” on your credit report is likely the main reason why. When it comes to challenging and removing  bankruptcy Equifax is generally the hardest to remove among the three major credit bureaus.  The easiest is Experian, which they will quickly remove Chapter 13 and Chapter Read more about Challenging An Equifax Bankruptcy To Get Business Credit Approval[…]

7 Easy Steps: Determine Business Credit Score Worthiness

Having a strong “business credit profile” is a great way to not only attract new business but also increase brand awareness. A company’s business credit report can be reviewed by the whole world. This includes potential business partners, vendors, customers, suppliers, etc. Vastly different than a personal credit profile, a business credit report profile can Read more about 7 Easy Steps: Determine Business Credit Score Worthiness[…]